Quail Eggs

today’s bloggers: Brooke and Nathan

In 1st grade, we are hatching quail eggs. We keep them in an incubator that is made out of a Styrofoam box with poked holes in the top. We have to keep the eggs at a special temperature. We also have a calendar to keep track of when the eggs will hatch. Another
important thing to do is have constant lighting on the eggs, so we poked a huge hole and put in a light bulb. We have been turning them around 360 degrees to see the whole egg.  The eggs are tan with brown polka-dots. What do you think would be the best idea to do with them when they hatch?   We are going to let them go and be free. Do you think that is a good thing or a bad thing?

Author’s in April

Today’s blogger: Carissa

Our book for Authors in April was called Otis, it was about a baby calf that got stuck in the mud and Otis saved her. The author of Otis was Loren Long. When he came to our school he drew a picture for us of Otis. We also got to ask the author questions about the book. He read the book to us and he even read us a different story about Otis. My favorite part when the author came was when he drew the picture of Otis. I really enjoyed reading the book and meeting the author.


Today’s blogger: Susanne

For centers each one is different. We go to table to table. For example for word wall we write our spelling words. We write our spelling words in many ways such as using stamps, typing on the computer, and write them on paper. Our other centers are: making words, listening center, and writing center, read to self, and read to someone. My favorite is listening center. Each person has a group I am on the purple team. Centers are really fun!

The Treasure Box

Today’s Blogger: Ella and Alaina

You can get toys in the treasure box, if you be good. If you get all the stars punched out,
you can go to the treasure box and get a toy. Some toys you can get are: stuff that you can
hang on your backpack, a yoyo, stickers, rings, pouches with toys in them,slinkies,different
colored slinkies, sometimes sponges, bouncy balls, and cool stuff.

The Plays

Today’s blogger is Kaley.
Our class went to the theater to see a play called Duck for President. It was a funny play and it was a good play. And we saw another play called, Fancy Nancy. Fancy Nancy was also a good play. And we saw another play called, I Have to Go. This play called I have to go was a funny play.

Art To Remember

Today’s bloggers: Alexandra and Ethan

In first grade, around Christmas time we made art to remember. First, we got water colors and painted a rainbow with all the colors of the rainbow on a regular piece of paper. Second, we painted the background blue like the sky. Third, we colored our families with markers on paper to go under our rainbow. Mrs. Nelson cut them out and our families got glued on the paper under the rainbow. That’s how we made our art to remember.

A Field Trip to the Farm

Today’s Blogger: Bridget

We went to a farm in the fall. It was sunny out. I rode in the car with Sydney and her mom. First we fed the ducks, and then we went to see the pigs. Then we got to see the cows. We also did butter churning. It was exciting to see a black and white cat under the picnic table.
We brought a sack lunch. It was a fun day!

Our Teacher, Mrs. Nelson

Today’s Blogger: Jacob

Mrs. Nelson is my first grade teacher. She is the best teacher I ever had.
She has some very special quail eggs that we are taking care of at school.
Some of them hatched. She teaches us different subjects, like, Math, Reading
, Writing, and we write in our journals. We also do centers. Centers are
different learning centers around the room. We have six all together.
She also takes us on different field trips to plays and other places.

Special People Day


We invited special people to spend the day with us at school.  Here’s what we thought about our time together:

Luke-I chose my Grandpa for Special Persons Day because he’s silly and he knows german.

Ava- For Show and Tell my grandma brought in a newspaper that she was in when she was a kid.

Jacob- My favorite part of Special Person Day was making the gak with my grandma.

Christina- My grandma told a story about the time she snuck into her mom’s car, but her dad was in the car instead.

Jack- My babysitter told a story about a book she read as a kid.

Lauren-I enjoyed Special Persons Day because I loved making the gack with my grandma.

Bridget-I enjoyed Special Persons Day because I had fun making the journal with my mom.

Sloane – I chose my grandmother for Special Persons Day when we
Made gak at school and my grandmother brought a “Curious George” book for show and tell.

Carissa- For Special Persons Day I chose my dad, my favorite thing we did was make glop I also liked seeing him play the trumpet.

Brooke- Its fun to have a special Persons Day because you can bring
someone you love and care about to school with you. I choose my grandma to come to school with me.

Nathan- We invited special people to school to share what we lean. And I wanted to bring my mom to share with her what we learn.

Susanne-Robi brought a book and when she left we read the book she let me keep it.

Kaley- I missed Special Persons Day because I was in Florida. When I was there I built a sandcastle that was 3ft.

Alexandra- On special person’s day I brought my Aunt, at the beginning my first grade class sang “I Think I’m Going to Throw-Up” to our special person.

Ethan- For special person’s day I brought my Grandma, we made gak together which was my favorite thing to do.

Alyssa- On Special Person’s Day my grandma brought in a Daisy Troop uniform.

Sydney-I brought my nana to special person’s day because I like her dog, Charro.

Francisco-I brought my dad to special person’s day because I think he’s special.

Ella-I brought my Uncle to Special persons day because he is moving

Alaina-I brought my mom to Special persons day because her dad was sick and she didn’t want to bring her babysitter.

Reagan-My special person’s was Mr. Doug, and I enjoyed making gack and I liked show and tell because he brought in a book, and let our class keep it.